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At UplandParcs we develop sustainably as much as possible

Sustainability at UplandParcs

UplandParcs originated from the idea of taking the development and operation of holiday parks into our own hands while taking nature and sustainability into account as much as possible. This way, we can pay close attention to sustainability early on during the construction phase and consider how the park fits into the existing landscape as efficiently as possible. After all, the environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly important issues in our society.

Insulation value

We at UplandParcs pay close attention to the environment and sustainability. In our newest holiday parks this was already taken into account during construction. The accommodations have a high insulation value, among other things, due to the use of triple glazing and optimal home insulation.

Solar energy

To reduce CO2 emissions, the newest accommodations are equipped with solar collectors for hot water supply. This way, the water is heated and stored with the help of the sun, so that you as our guest can take a nice hot shower.

Ground/air heat pumps

In various Parks we also use a ground/air heat pump and the heating in the accommodations is controlled remotely to save energy. Thanks to that, the heating can be centrally turned down in the accommodation once you have checked out.

Saving of electricity and water

It goes without saying that we use LEDs for Lighting everywhere and the halls and toilets are equipped with motion detectors. This is practical for you as a guest, but also energy-conserving since the lights are not left on unnecessarily when you are not in the room. The bathrooms are equipped with water-saving shower heads.


Our newest accommodations have an eco-button to switch off all appliances and lights that do not need a constant power supply. This is comfortable for you as a guest: When you go out you can switch off all appliances and lights with one push of the button and switch them back on again when you return. Naturally, this is also good for the environment, because no appliances or lights are left on unnecessarily while nobody is in the house. 

Sustainable materials
During construction, sustainable and low-maintenance materials are used as much as possible, preferably sourced from the local area. For example, the façade cladding is made of wood that has been given a special treatment that makes it require far less maintenance.
In short, all these facilities increase comfort for you as a guest, but also make an important contribution to the environment and sustainability.