2 holiday homes for refugees
2022-03-22 09:07

We would also like to help! UplandParcs provides 2 holiday homes for refugees free of charge!

It quickly became clear that we would like to make two of our fully equipped UplandParcs Dumel holiday homes in Winterberg available to refugees free of charge until the end of this year. So, without further ado, we contacted the town of Winterberg.

On Tuesday morning, 15.03.2022, we received a call from the town of Winterberg, which would like to take up the offer to accommodate the refugees. After a short clarification, 10 refugees (9 adults + 1 child) from the Ukraine could be welcomed in the holiday houses Dumel on the same day.

Our helpful park managers from UplandParcs immediately took care of all the important errands and filled the refrigerators of the two holiday homes to make the arrival easier for our new guests and to let them arrive in peace. Our park managers were also already on site with an interpreter to ask what help was still needed. Everyone is currently well looked after. This is also due to the great efforts of the neighbours and residents of Winterberg, who have already been busy collecting donations. In addition, we received many messages with offers of help and donations. Thank you very much for your great commitment!

Of course, we do not only want to provide accommodation, but also to support the 10 residents with words and deeds. Our park managers and an employee of the city of Winterberg support the refugees on site with the daily challenges such as upcoming visits to the authorities, shopping or doctor's appointments.

In addition, we have set up a donation button in the booking system on our website. This gives everyone the opportunity to donate any amount when booking. And to make this donation really worthwhile, we double every incoming donation with the same amount! The entire sum will go 100% to the aid organisation "Aktion Deutschland hilft" for support in Ukraine.